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Meeting new friends!!!

Welcome to Dog Walk&Play: Dog Walking and Canine Massage Therapy around Brussels - Information in English

Private Service ensuring well being and entertainment for dogs of all ages and breeds, by a Professional Dog Walker and Certified Canine Massage Therapist. 

Our services include:

🐶 Walks in the forest, in parks and/or in neighbourhoods around Brussels, individually or in small groups of compatible dogs

🐶 Qualified canine physiotherapy and massage therapy

Dog Walk&Play ensures that your doggy is in full health: through physical exercise and fitness, various massage techniques, playtime, socialisation with other dogs, basic positive training, familiarisation with different environments and regular feedback to the family! 

Socialisation of client dogs

Physical activities

Cognitive development

About Dog Walk&Play

Born in Canada in 1972, I was naturally exposed to the great outdoors and nature. I spent my childhood and adolescence venturing in the forest, taking long walks in the company of the labrador Murphy. I continued exploring (walking, trekking, and hiking) from year to year: in the Laurentians, the Rockies, the American Appalachian Trail, the Alps (Swiss and French), the Vosges, the German Black Forest, Sicily, the English Lake District, and even Korean national parks. And for over fifteen years, I have been discovering beautiful green spaces in Belgium (Brussels' surrounding woods, the Forest de Soignes, the Namurois, the Polders, the Ardennes, the Fagnes, ...).

By meeting my wife Stephanie, I met her bouvier Bailey who had the chance to be walked by a dog walker well known around Washington D.C. The well being that Sean Hogan ( brought to his client and her family was immeasurable when work and travel required to walk and dog sit Bailey. Already the idea of ​​Dog Walking tempted me, taking walks along the Potomac ...

In Brussels, my goal to offer special moments walking and entertaining dogs was confirmed when I realized that many families need such services and attention for their companion(s). From this passion, Dog Walk&Play was born and we are very pleased to count more and more clients and friends.

With a view to ensure the most comprehensive approaches and services to our doggy clients and their family, I followed and completed an intense training in animal physiotherapy and massage therapy, by Linda M. Gould from Woofs & Hoofs School of Animal Massage ( which allows to identify, prevent and treat physiological and psychological problems for the well being of our doggies.

My Inspiration

When we adopted our puppy, Bella, a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog from a well-known breeder in France, my passion for contact with dogs materialized. Research and readings on cognitive and affective development of dogs, contacts with experts on the issue, brought to light my interest in seeking the best living conditions for our four-legged companions. This guides me in all my activities.





Walk of 1hour in the Forest (Tariffs include VAT):

  • 16€ for small dogs (less than 15kg)
  • 20€ for large dogs (15kg and over)

Walk of 30mins in the neighborhood (Tariffs include VAT):

  • 12€ for all dog sizes

Special Walks/Adapted Tariffs:

  • 50% more during the weekends and public holidays
  • 50% more for each additional dog from the same family
  • 75% more for an individual walk


  • 10€/15min of massage, including in addition travel, introduction time and feedback to the family (orally or in writing)
  • Minimum 30min (a session lasts generally between 30 and 60min)

Practical Information

All services include: transport, treats, equipment for walk and play. Complete professional insurance coverage. Posting of pictures on our website/Facebook page. Your doggy will return relatively clean 😄 We also pay attention to the general well being of your dog and will let you know promptly if we identify any concern with your pet friend.

Walks are carried out in small groups.

Required from owners: showing doggy's EU Passport and a clear marking (medal, chip), regular flea and tick treatment, general family insurance.

Required from doggy: over 2 months (with vaccinations), responds to recall. Must like pets and undivided attention (who does not ... 😄).

Business Hours:

9:00-17:00, 5 days a week. Possibility of special schedules in the weekend.

Pick-ups and drop-offs are ensured in a trusting way, with or without the presence of the owner(s). Transport is adapted and safe. Extreme weather may require adapting or postponing of activities.

Languages: French, English (and possibility to adapt to owner's language for orders and communication with doggy).

Geographical coverage for the walks: Uccle and Ixelles. 

Our doggy clients benefit from food and treats from CELTIC CONNECTION Handcrafted Holistic Pet Food, which was created to provide the highest level of proteins: 70-80%! (avoiding gluten, grains and fillers usually found in pet food). It also includes a mixture of healthy fruits, vegetables and herbs with medicinal properties to help restore and maintain natural health and vitality. Each product also brings a significant intake in glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM, to keep joints comfortable and organs functioning at their best for a long, active life. Also beneficial, the treats which are very yummy, are only 3-4 calories each. The products come in various flavors: Chicken with Turkey and Sweet Potato, Salmon with Trout and Sweet Potato, Lamb with Goat and Sweet Potato. Information available at or ask us!

We are sometimes asked what is the little white box that some of our doggy clients wear on their red Dog Walk&Play collars. It is actually a Tractive® ( GPS tracker with which we are able to follow them using safe and reliable GPS technology, in real time from our smartphone. This way, in addition to establishing a good bond and recall with each dog, training them to respond to our commands and ultrasound whistle, having them wear a distinctive red Dog Walk&Play collar with our mobile number, and ensuring that they keep in sight at all times ... we can also keep track of the position of our more adventurous dogs, live.

We are not sparing any expense for the safety of our clients and peace of mind of their family!

Visit us on Facebook to see our daily activities:

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